If you have your once scheduleonce connection with Office365 disconnecting and having issues authenticating the connection. It means that you are using the old EWS connection. Recently Microsoft has discontinued this. I would advise you to Disconnect the current connection and reconnect Office 365 using OAuth.

To do this:

Log into your OneHub account >> click on the initials/ profile picture in top right-hand corner >> Calendar connection >> click on Disconnect >> from the same page click on Connect for Office 365 via OAuth 2.0 >> enter their credentials to connect the calendar.

To check if you are currently using EWS, simply hover over the office 365 connection you currently have from within ScheduleOnce. 

oncehub check ews


If you are in your root dirctory inside file manager and can’t find the .htaccess file it is because it has probably been hidden.

To unhide your htaccess file. Click the settings button which is usually located at the top right hand corner.



On the next screen you will want to click “show hidden files). Click save and your htaccess file will appear again.

If you are using Microsoft teams and can’t see the mouse pointer it is because you were moving the chat window between two monitors. To ensure this doesn’t happen again, don’t move the live chat or live video screen between monitors. It happens to me all the time when I am on a live call and move the person presenting to my other computer monitor. Avoid the temptation is my only advice.

Restarting your computer is the only way to fix this issue. Hope this helps.

This is something that you need to be aware of when creating an Everwebinar. If the user is waiting for the webinar to start and then switched tabs in their browser the webinar won’t auto start when the counter reaches 0. However, if the use is waiting on the countdown page and doesn’t switch tabs it will auto redirect when the counter reaches 0.

Possible Solution

You should have a text message on the countdown page saying that if the counter hits zero and the webinar doesn’t auto play that you need to click the refresh button in your browser. Hitting the refresh will sole the issue.

If you are trying to log into Zoom and get the following error saying “An error with reCAPTCHA occured. Please try again.” then here is a quick solution to get it up and running again in minutes.

The reason you’re getting this error is because the local server in your area is down. This is why it always happens in geo clumps and not globally.

What you need to do is change your IP using a VPN like Nord or Express VPN to another country. Then try logging in. Once you try logging in with this new IP it will send you a text/email code for you to verify that it is you. Once you confirm this code you’ll be able to login as normal again.

You can now turn your VPN off and login again as you would.

This worked for me and I hope it works for you.

If you want to waste your money on an AI content generator then longshot.ai is perfect.

The platform is filled with bugs. Customer support is condescending and will blame any bad AI on you. You’ll spend all your credits on trying to make content stay on topic and make sense. 

Here is an example of the text extender. I inputted a one line sentence to see the AI extend it. It outputted something about a protein shop with over 50 different brands

text extender


The blog AI is just as bad. Be prepared for it to output some incoherent nonsense. 

Example below is when I used the “rephraser” tool. In the end it just eats up your credits and doesn’t rephrase anything. Hopefully this review saves you some money. If you have just purchases lonshot.ai I recommend getting a refund before it is too late. 

An Xbox error code 0x8027025A is most likely an Xbox 360 update failure. As an Xbox 360 update is in the middle of downloading when this error code pops up, the player must quit the game in question in order to apply the update. If the player does not do this, the game may crash, and the Xbox 360 console will reboot. When the console reboots, the console will display another error code indicating that the update was not applied due to an installation failure.

A reliable web host is something that anyone looking to start a website needs. The quality of hosting you use can determine how successful your website will be, as it will run faster, be more likely to keep from getting hacked, and more. In this blog we discuss the differences between Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Web Hosting.

Is Shared Hosting the Cheapest?

With shared hosting, you can actually save money on web hosting. You only need to rent the one shared server, which you share with other sites. That means your monthly fee is shared among all of the sites, which will significantly decrease the cost. Shared hosting is for people who are just starting out on the web, or if you only need a small amount of space. You can get started with your own site without having to spend an arm and a leg on web hosting fees.

The drawback is that some shared servers have low traffic limits. If you have a very popular site, it may not be enough traffic to host your entire site, which means you will have to upgrade to another plan.

Is Shared Hosting Good?

If you are starting a new website from scratch, shared hosting is the best option 99% of the time. There are other types of hosting for bigger sites with tons of traffic. But if you are just getting off the ground, shared hosting is the best price with the least amount of maintenance on your end. Shared hosting provides a good, economical option for those starting out with a new website.

If you are starting a new website from scratch, shared hosting is the best option 99% of the time.

What is the difference between shared and dedicated hosting?

To build an online presence these days, you’ll need to have a website up and running. Shared hosting allows you to get your site started easily, but there are some limitations on what you can do. With dedicated web hosting, you have the entire server space to yourself, which provides unlimited possibilities for what you can do with your website.

What Is a VPS?

A virtual private server (or VPS) is one of the best hosting options you can use if you are looking to launch your own website. It combines the speed and features of a dedicated server with the convenience of a shared hosting plan. VPS servers are virtual machines running on a physical server, which means you have everything you need (including unlimited storage space) to run your site without any limitations. The best thing about VPS servers is that they can be used to run various applications.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

You may already know that when you purchase a domain name, it must be hosted on a server. A dedicated server is the most preferred option by most companies because they ensure reliability and stability. However, there are other benefits to purchasing a dedicated hosting package. Not only do you get top-notch uptime and an instant presence in the search engines, but you also receive individual server resources. This means that your server can be used to run various applications at the same time, thus increasing your site’s functionality. You can also purchase more RAM, hard drive space, and CPU power, with all the space provided by your dedicated server. Dedicated hosting is a bit more expensive, but it’s always worth the money spent.

If you are going around in circles trying to figure out what myfax.com means when they say “enable SPF” then this blog is for you.

I recently had this experience with myfax. A client came to me and said “we can’t send faxes with myfax until we enable SPF”. My response to them was “great, just tell me what the SPF record is that you want me to add and we should be all good”. To which they responded “we seem to be going around in circles with myfax because they just say to enable SPF but aren’t giving us a record to add”.

After digging around and getting no hope at all from myfax I discovered that what they mean is that the email program you’re using has to be authorized by your domain to send on your behalf. 

For example you might have a custom domain that you have hooked up to gmail, outlook, yahoo etc. While you are able to send emails from these email services you need to log into your domain and authorize these external email clients the authority to send email on your behalf.

For example if you use Google workspace to send email from your custom domain, you’ll need to log into the domain hosting service. EG Dreamhost, godaddy, bluehost etc and add the following


This should solve the SPF issue with myfax. In summary ask yourself “what service am I sending to send email”, and “Have I added the SPF record with my domain to allow this email client to send on my behalf using SPF.